Miss Isabel Turns Two | Muncie Indiana Children’s Photography

She’s got a personality all her own. She’s sassy and independent. She’s imaginative and playful.  I love her laugh, her smile, and her snuggles. From her wispy hair to her sweet little feet, I love this girl! Happy Birthday Isabel Joy Maria!

All images © Maganda Photos | Muncie, Indiana photographer Michelle Martin

Muncie Indiana Photographer Michelle Martin

Muncie Indiana Photographer Michelle Martin

Joshua Turns 4 | Muncie, Indiana Children’s Photographer

I took advantage of the beautiful weather today to take my crew for a walk by the river.  I took my camera because a certain little guy turned 4-years-old just a few days ago.  His fun-loving personality definitely comes through in these photos!  Enjoy!

© Maganda Photos | Muncie, Indiana family and kids photographer

My Favorite Little People Minus One

It finally happened, Andy is 5-years-old and he has better things to do than have his Mommy take photos of him.  I’ll get him next time! Miss Eliana got her first stitches yesterday so of course I had to take photos of her! Joshua and Miss Isabel were willing subjects! These were all taken with window light and a 50 mm /f1.8 lens.