Newborn Mini-Photo Session

Some people believe in retail-therapy or beauty-therapy, but I believe in my own version of photo-therapy.  This past week while everyone was passing around the stomach bug I took some photos of Miss Danielle.  You might remember my photo of newborn Miss Isabel in a wash basin! I wanted to do a similar photo with Miss Danielle.  Here is one of my favorites from our session! This particular wash basin belongs to James’ mom and the blanket in the photo is the one I crocheted for Miss Danielle.  I’m thankful that she’s not very big because her blanket isn’t quite finished yet because I ran out of yarn! Isn’t she a sweetheart?

Baby Basin Follow-up | Muncie Indiana Baby Photography

You may or may not recall this photo from a previous post. Isabel is only a few days old in this photo.

Now that she is 4-months-old I decided that it was time to do a follow-up session with the basin and her blanket and headband. It is amazing how much she has changed in four short months! As is true so many times with my photos I could not choose a favorite. She is smiling like her big brother in this first photo.

She has discovered her feet!

I  love her tiny toes and her smile gets me every time!

She’s my brown-eyed girl. (Her sister’s eyes are blue!)